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  • AwayFind Launches, Brings New Solutions for Email Freedom

    Sometime late last year, I caught wind of an email productivity tool that was in development. That product, AwayFind promised to help people stop checking email. Since then, I’ve gotten to know the founder and CEO, Jared Goralnick who has been approaching the product with a very head down, listening approach. I have used AwayFind […]

  • Even During a Recession, Small Businesses Still Should Consider Macbooks

    I was talking to someone recently who just took a new job at a small web-company. She has been a Windows user all her life but she asked me what she should get in her new job. They were buying her a new computer. Naturally, I suggested the new Macbook that Apple announced yesterday. The […]

  • Weekend Productivity Tip: TripIt Calendar Feeds

    I just posted my August travel over on my personal blog. If your schedule lines up, give me a shout and let’s get together and talk about WordPress, or tech world gossip, Lijit, or Technosailor.com, or anything. Doesn’t matter. I like meeting people. But as I’m coming in to land on this Friday, I thought […]

  • The Aaron Brazell Show: Episode 2: The Quest for Email Ninjahood

    Fun show tonight. Jared Goralnick, the CEO of AwayFind joins guest co-host Jimmy Gardner, joined us to talk about email management and productivity much like I’ve been talking about in my Email Ninjahood series. Later in the show, we enjoyed an open line surrounding a segment I’ve heard over at Ron Smith’s WBAL show occasionally. […]

  • The Aaron Brazell Show Tonight: Productivity and "Someone Had To Say It"

    It’s Saturday night and that means The Aaron Brazell Show is back. Last week, there were fireworks but tonight… there just might be more fireworks. With Shel Israel and Robert Scoble interviewing Tim Ferris of the 4 Hour Work Week a few weeks ago, and my own quest for email ninjahood, I wanted to bring […]

  • The Quest for Email Ninjahood: Consolidate Email

    Before we got a little distracted by other things, we began a series on email ninjahood. Because email bandwidth continues to be a problem for many people with the ubiquity of Blackberries, smartphones and email anywhere you turn. The recommendations I’m offering in this series work for me but they may not work for everyone. […]

  • The Quest for Email Ninjahood – I Admit That I Have a Problem

    I’m beginning a short series here that, on one hand, I hope to use to educate and on the other hand I hope to expose myself and the flaws I have in how I deal with email. Email quite simply is a problem. Some people are blessed to have little email traffic so they squander […]

  • Job Search: Define Your Goals

    A friend of mine just landed a job. Congratulations to her as the job market is shriveling up. I won’t mention her name for fear it could cause complications at her new job but many of you know her. She hasn’t worked for a company in 17 years, give or take, and has lived quite […]

  • Como Vencer la Sobrecarga Informativa

    La sobrecarga informativa es algo a lo que muchos estamos expuestos en Internet. Vamos abriendo artículos para leerlos más tarde y cuando nos damos cuenta tenemos 50 pestañas abiertas en el navegador. Aparte de saber que no las vamos a leer ahorita, todas estas pestañas ocupan memoria y tiempo de procesador, interfiriendo con nuestro trabajo […]

  • 10 Ways to Make Your Workspace More Productive

    After Jason Calacanis wrote this about saving money with your startup, I thought I would republish something I wrote on Startup Spark about a year ago. It is workspace focused but it is funny how many of the things he says match up. Enjoy… 10 Ways to Make your workspace more productive I was motivated […]