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  • North Korea's National Color is Gray

    I love Scott Adams. Seriously. He’s a demented, sick soul. Here’s his riff on North Korea.

  • Grey's Anatomy Killed Us

    Forget Digg. We get Dugg all the time. But tonight’s killer (no pun intended) episode of Grey’s Anatomy had the Digg x 10 effect on us via Grey’s Anatomy News. Heh. Downtime is never funny. The unexpected surge and unexpected source knocked us over, and looking back, was kind of funny. Screenshot of Server Logs

  • Google Misspells Its Own Name

    Google has misspelled its own name in the Valentine’s Day version of it’s logo. Abe Olandres at Blog Herald has the details and a screenshot (I’m sure it will be corrected forthwith). Update: Apparently, the stem is the L. Hmmm, not very obvious.

  • Blackberry Love

    Thanks to Mark for pointing out Dateberry. Though I’m married and not looking for a “hook up”, it makes me laugh that I can relate to the paradigm.

  • No, I Won't Have Your Baby and Answers to Other Popular Questions

    Several weeks ago, Darren Rowse posted about 103bees which is an interesting service that logs the questions people ask the Googles and Yahoos of the world that result in visitors to your site. Intrigued, I installed the tiny bit of javascript on my blog and have occasionally checked in on it. It’s interesting, though. I…

  • A Significant Winter Precipitation Event

    It’s Sunday and so we can hang a little looser and have a nice laugh. The National Weather Service has issues a Winter Storm Watch for my region stating: A SIGNIFICANT WINTER PRECIPITATION EVENT IS EXPECTED OVER THE MID ATLANTIC FROM LATE MONDAY NIGHT THROUGH WEDNESDAY MORNING. TUESDAY LATE AFTERNOON AND TUESDAY NIGHT IN PARTICULAR…

  • If You Want to be a Cool Kid

    I notice that as well as this blog does in so many circles, I’m amazed that I only have 6 people who have made Technosailor a favorite blog in Technorati. If you want to be a cool kid, add the blog to your favorites today.

  • Wikilobbying

    Colbert continues to knock it out of the park. Reality has become a commodity. :-)

  • 10 Rules for Dealing With Snow

    10 Rules for Dealing With Snow

    Since we had such a large snow storm this weekend, it dawned on me that some folks might not be equipped to handle the elements. In Maryland, we are prepared for such events so this entry is geared towards people from places like Buffalo, Chicago and Massachusetts who may not be prepared for the devastation…