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  • Fun With Programming Languages

    Tonight, a Facebook thread got a little out of control after I posted a status update that I was “mentally bankrupt.” It was a long day working on client work – a project that is just about done but past due. After some commentary by Facebook friends, we got to writing little scripts that would…

  • Twitter is Life

    Everyone loves Twitter. Some research reports seem to indicate that it was the number one most often used word on Twitter last year. That would be 1 in every 3 words written on Twitter are about Twitter. A sampling of these tweets would be: Listen to our podcast about Twitter 10 Reasons I Love Twitter…

  • Words That Must Die in 2009

    As this is the end of the year, we are required by some unwritten law to go through certain exercises. Among those are a required “predictions” post, certain holiday-related posts and of course, like last year, a list of words that have been so overused in the past year that we hope they will die…

  • Sweet Caroline in Vegas

    I’m still in travel mode. Long story, but I’ve been in Las Vegas since last Wednesday and don’t leave until tomorrow. While this has been a fantastic trip, the process of writing serious posts requires some time to process everything from the week. That processing of data doesn’t happen when you get together with Jeremy…

  • “Sarah Palin” Makes an “amazing” Appearance on SNL with her Tina Fey Glasses

    In case you missed it:

  • What Would the United States Do for Mexico?

    There was a massive earthquake in western Mexico and 200,000 people unfortunately, and tragically, died. In the wake of the tragedy, the nations of the world banded together to provide relief. China sent a ship with containers of goods such as tee-shirts, watches and electronic devices to help with cleanup and provide humanitarian relief. Great…

  • Mobile Audio Posts via Utterz

    Mobile post sent by technosailor using Utterz.  Replies.  mp3

  • Pain in the Ass Bloggers

    Just a little something I’ve been working on lately. It is completely subjective and should not at all be taken seriously (in most cases). Shashi interviewed about it me on Qik: Trust me. I’m just being a P.I.T.A.B. :-)

  • Dave Winer Runs Into Robert Scoble

    Dave Winer is crazy. I talked about it earlier this week. One of the Technosailor.com spies reported back with this exchange between Dave and Robert Scoble.

  • Barack Obama Wins the Democratic Nomination with 3441 Delegates

    Forget Independence day, also known as June 4th (Yes, I do know Independence Day is July 4th, but thanks for the correction. The statement was tongue in cheek.), also known as the day that Presidential hopeful Barack Obama claims the Democratic nomination for president. We’ve suffered through five months of primaries and caucuses and all…