No, I Won't Have Your Baby and Answers to Other Popular Questions

Several weeks ago, Darren Rowse posted about 103bees which is an interesting service that logs the questions people ask the Googles and Yahoos of the world that result in visitors to your site. Intrigued, I installed the tiny bit of javascript on my blog and have occasionally checked in on it. It’s interesting, though. I could write whole posts providing answers to the questions that land people right here on Technosailor.

For instance:

  • how do the nfl playoffs work?
  • how to upgrade to wordpress 2.1?
  • how to make money as a programmer?
  • how to write a “emerging technology review”?
  • how to buff a new paint job?
  • will you have my baby?

Neat. :p

There’s actually plenty more where those came from.

When blogging, it’s really difficult sometimes to come up with compelling topics, and sometimes even when you have the topic, it’s difficult to convey the thought. Useful tools like this can be useful in breaking through those times.