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  • Wish Me a Happy Birthday. Give.

    Wish Me a Happy Birthday. Give.

    Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m going to be 39. That’s one year shy of 40! Yikes! I want you to give to someone else. Read on. This past year has not been the easiest in my life. In fact, it was maybe the hardest. In the past year, I saw myself recovering from unemployment […]

  • Depression:What it Means

    As everyone has most likely heard now, Robin Williams has died. Police have now come out and said he hung himself. Not too long ago, Phillip Seymour Hoffman overdosed on a cocktail of heroin, cocaine and amphetamine, used to treat ADHD. That overdose resulted in his untimely death. These incidents, naturally, shake our culture to […]

  • A Visual Tour of My Life

    A Visual Tour of My Life

    Google is really scary. On the other hand, Google brings the world closer together. And it’s with that idea that I’m going to take my readers on a little tour of my life. I’ve move around a lot in life. Such is the life of a minister’s kid. Spent years in central Africa. Lived all […]

  • Austin, Texas.

    Austin, Texas.

    Back in 2007, I visited Austin for the first time with Jeremy Wright for SXSW. I fell in love with the city and have come back for every SXSW since. The truth is, as I’ve since realized, is that Austin is better when it’s not SXSW time and I have spent the past few months coming back and visiting this city every month for a week or more. As of this past weekend, though, that has all changed. I live here now. I have a job here now (which I will announce more about when it is formalized this week). I have a girlfriend here. I have a built in community here.

  • Sharing Mini Stories

    Clearly, I don’t update this blog enough. Not that I feel like I have to. It’s my personal blog. I can do anything and say anything I want to. However, one thing I DO do a lot of is surf the web. Via Twitter and Friendfeed, not to mention links passed in IM chats, I […]

  • The Life of a Single Guy

    The Life of a Single Guy on

  • New York City

    New York City. Once before I walked these streets. The contrast between rich and poor. White, Black, Latino. Urban decay and iconic imagery. I’ve been back since, rarely for the same reasons as the time before, but always for something. There’s always something. Something innovative. Something advanced. Something dismal. Something sexy. Something, something, something. There’s […]

  • Change is in the Air

    By now, people who follow me on Twitter or other places around the web may have picked up on the fact that I’m going through changes right now. I guess everyone is. The economy is bad. Jobs are hard to come by. It just seems like that cycle of life has come where everything changes […]

  • FDR vs. GWB

    A visual representation of wartime speeches by Presidents (As inspired by Thomas Hawk who compares speeches of candidates in a visual fashion). Click each image for full size. President Roosevelt went to Congress to ask for a Declaration of War, the last time any American President has followed Constitutional guidelines for such action. And President […]

  • Happy Birthday, Son

    I spend a lot of time talking about work, and technology and business. Here, I might talk about politics. These are all important(ish) things to me. Certainly things that are “safe” territory, whatever that means. It’s funny though how the most important thing in my life… I don’t talk about. Rarely, anyway. He’s going to […]