Happy Birthday, Son

I spend a lot of time talking about work, and technology and business. Here, I might talk about politics. These are all important(ish) things to me. Certainly things that are “safe” territory, whatever that means. It’s funny though how the most important thing in my life… I don’t talk about. Rarely, anyway.

Jedi Kid

He’s going to be five tomorrow. Five. My son – my only son – my only child. He just started Kindergarten and on his first Friday, he wanted to know why he couldn’t go to school the next day. Yeah, son… keep that mentality for the next 13 years, will ya?

He’s certainly given me a world of memories in his five short years. For instance, I remember his first Big Word™. He referred to the big airplane as a “commercial airliner” (Oh and he properly identified the airline as Continental).

And that time at Six Flags when he saw Batman? That was priceless.

Or the zoo, where he was all excited about the pandas.

How about every time I open Flickr and he starts pointing out every person he knows.

The fact that he was four when he began Kindergarten but he tested at an age six level, so they admitted him in early.

I’m really proud of my son. He may be the most intelligent kid ever. And he’s personable (usually, unless he hasn’t had a nap). It is rare when anyone has to raise their voice to tell him to behave. He just knows what is right and how to behave.

Where did this kid come from?

His mom is a little concerned about when he might start taking interest in girls? As a dad, I’m kinda looking forward to that. I wonder what might strike his fancy? I’m lobbying for bright-eyed, outgoing girl who appreciates an extremely intelligent boy who knows how to have fun (Am I writing personal ads at this point?)

Anyways, happy birthday, Devin. I love you!