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  • Happy 61st Birthday, Douglas Adams

    Happy 61st Birthday, Douglas Adams

  • Prohibition in El Paso

    Houston and Texas Central Railroad Map

    Happy 21st Amendment Day (or the Repeal of Prohibition). 79 years ago today, Congress ratified the 21st amendment which repealed the 18th Amendment banning the manufacturing, sale or transport of alcohol in the United States. Here’s a fun story. In 1918, when the 18th Amendment was ratified, there was a healthy bar and saloon scene […]

  • An Open Letter to Jesus: Come to Austin

    Photo by doug88888. Used under Creative Commons. Dear Jesus- I hear you’re coming back tomorrow. I know this is really short notice, but I wanted to let you know that if I have any say in the decision about where you come back to, it should be Austin. Why Austin? Well… let me tell you. […]

  • CSRF Explained in Every Man Terms

    The one where @onefinejay explains CSRF hacking attacks to an obviously average person. “Ok so let’s say you click on an innocuous looking link, but then your Facebook updates with “i like to have hot lesbian action with one-legged obese women,” THAT’s CSRF.” WIN!

  • A Tribute to My iTunes: a Short Story

    Photo by Craig Cloutier A short story. It’s Raining in Baltimore a little toward Sullivan Street. I guess it’s going to be a Long December Round Here. This happens Time and Time Again. I guess that makes me the Rain King. So, I’m just going to put my Hand in My Pocket, smoke some Mary […]

  • State of the Union Drinking Game

    I polled Twitter on what kind of drinking game activities should happen tonight during the State of the Union. I’ve aggregated responses, along with my own thoughts, into this State of the Union Drinking Bingo. Prepare to be drunk by 8:15pm CST tonight.

  • One Small Step

    Today, I spent hours listening to the synchronized “live” mission audio of the Apollo 11 mission on, a project of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. A few moments ago, Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. I mixed those last few minutes with Pink Floyd’s “Brain Damage”, a.k.a Dark Side of the […]

  • The Life of a Single Guy

    The Life of a Single Guy on

  • “Sarah Palin” Makes an “amazing” Appearance on SNL with her Tina Fey Glasses

    In case you missed it:

  • Gnomedex, Sarah Lacy Limerick

    Since I can’t be at Gnomedex and can’t submit a limerick for the limerick contest via the official, blessed, in-person method for attendees, I’ll just blog it. Of course, Sarah Lacy ran a train wreck session today. It wasn’t as bad as SXSW, but it was very shallow and aimless for a Gnomedex crowd. I […]