I Need to Get Out in Front of this PR Nightmare…

I do not want to post this. But in the spirit of good PR, I have to get out in front of it. :-)

This was a home video taken on July 29, 1988 – twenty years ago almost to the day.

The story was… it was in Africa, where I lived for a bit from age 8-12. My parents were missionaries in the Democratic Republic of Congo (was known as Zaire then). There was little to do as 1) a kid and 2) in Africa.

One of the things that we would do is use a makeshift slip and slide created from plastic sheets. Put a hose on the top and a full water mattress at the bottom and you had hours of fun for kids.

This was, if I recall, a picnic where a number of missionary families were getting together. Note the one guy who was always bound to be “somewhat inappropriate” with his dead and stinking monkey on a stick. Yes, it’s a real monkey. It was already dead. :-)

Ugh. Wow. Just wow. I’m going to kill someone now. :)