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  • Scantily Clad Women are for the Bedroom, not the Showroom Floor.

    I love women. I love scantily clad women. I think the majority of men, and of course some women, would agree with me. Sexual attraction is inherently part of the human experience and part of the instinctual core that makes up who we are. The same goes for women with men.

  • CSRF Explained in Every Man Terms

    CSRF Explained in Every Man Terms

    The one where @onefinejay explains CSRF hacking attacks to an obviously average person. “Ok so let’s say you click on an innocuous looking link, but then your Facebook updates with “i like to have hot lesbian action with one-legged obese women,” THAT’s CSRF.” WIN!

  • I Need to Get Out in Front of this PR Nightmare…

    I do not want to post this. But in the spirit of good PR, I have to get out in front of it. :-) This was a home video taken on July 29, 1988 – twenty years ago almost to the day. The story was… it was in Africa, where I lived for a bit…

  • If You Want Sex, You Need to Make a Sexual Move

    First of all, thanks for proving a side point that posts with sex in the title will almost always get clickthroughs. :-) Besides that, I actually have a point with that title, and trust me… it’s completely non-sexual. But it is true. One thing I’ve noticed growing up and being around people in general, is…