Getting Geeky on the Elite Tech News Show

For those of you with better things to do on a Sunday night (and let’s admit that is just about all of us), you probably missed the Elite Tech News show tonight. Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins from Mashable invited me on to be a guest panelist with Steve Hodson, Louis Gray and the rest of the gang.

We talked iPhone 3G, particularly Rogers iPhone plans in Canada, along with some tech environmental stuff, Dave Winer, Robert Scoble’s parting with the rest of the techmeme blogosphere crowd.

Though the aftershow wasn’t recorded, it might have been just as good as we talked about Twitter, Trademark and Creative Commons stuff and an assortment of other topics.

You can listen to the (lengthy) show below.

Thanks, everyone, for letting me join your little group tonight. It was great fun.

Published by Aaron Brazell

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