Tag: Press Coverage

  • NPR Interview This Morning

    NPR’s Laura Conway from the Bryant Park Project (syndicated on a dozen or so NPR affiliates between 7-9am ET) called me this morning for a brief chat about the Congress rules fiasco that I’ve been monitoring. Not only was this interview important for me personally (it’s NPR during the morning drivetime commute) but it’s very […]

  • Getting Geeky on the Elite Tech News Show

    For those of you with better things to do on a Sunday night (and let’s admit that is just about all of us), you probably missed the Elite Tech News show tonight. Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins from Mashable invited me on to be a guest panelist with Steve Hodson, Louis Gray and the rest of the […]

  • I Have a Face for Radio: Kris Smith Podcast with Me

    Gnomedex was fantastic and it would be difficult toname the high point. However, ranking right up there was an opportunity to sit down with Kris Smith for a few minutes of podcasting. Notably, he observed that this site has just gone into Beta (heh) and we talked further about Digg, Facebook and Twitter. Great fun, […]

  • Media Appearances Through the Years

    I’m archiving all the media/press appearances or articles I’ve written over the years. I’ll probably move this to a separate page or something, but for now, you can suffer through my archiving. Older articles, particularly the SitePoint ones, could probably use a refresh. Keep in mind time frame.