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  • Adding a Time Start to WordPress Media Embeds

    Adding a Time Start to WordPress Media Embeds

    Ever have those times that you’d like to share a piece of media but have it start at a particular time? I did recently, and figured I’d share my solution. It turns out, WordPress does not support this feature out of the box (though you could argue, theoretically, that it should).

  • The NFL, Google TV, and DirecTV’s Death Grip on the Sunday Ticket

    The NFL, Google TV, and DirecTV’s Death Grip on the Sunday Ticket

    If you’ve spent any time with me in person or paying attention to my tweetstream at all (especially on Sundays), you know about my love affair with football, the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens specifically. I’ve gone nearly 11 years and have been at or watched every Ravens game in that time. I used to…

  • Video en Vivo desde tu iPhone

    Qik: La versión Alpha de Qik debe estar lista para el mes que viene. Flixwagon: El software de Flixwagon todavía no está disponible, pero te puedes anotar en la lista de prueba aquí.

  • Secrets that No one knows about me…

    Scott Stead put this great video together. Grab him, anytime you need video done for your events.

  • An Open Letter to BlogTalkRadio

    Hey BlogTalkRadio– Thank you for your time in stopping by. I know you guys are going through some changes, and that mostly they are good changes. I want to thank you for hiring Kris Smith. He will be a great addition to your team. I know Kris very well. He sorta likes to name drop…

  • Yahoo! Live Jam Session

    A couple days ago, Yahoo! released a new collaborative video service called Yahoo! Live. These kinds of things are getting fairly prolific and Yahoo has its standard disclaimer that this is experimental. And it is. What makes this unique is that anyone with a webcam can participate in an ongoing video chat – and of…

  • On the Jonny's Partay BlogTV Show

    Thanks to Jonny Goldstein for inviting me on the Jonny’s Partay show tonight. We had a blast despite poor audio latency through much of the interview. Part I can be seen over at District of Corruption and Part II here. Or on Jonny’s site. Enjoy!

  • Redlasso Provides Television and Radio Search, Clipping

    I’ve been playing with the video clipping service, Redlasso. I got to meet Jim McCusker, the CTO, at Podcamp Philly and have stayed in touch since. It was good to see much of the team at Blog World Expo. The essence of Redlasso for bloggers is that it indexes and makes searchable broadcast media. By…

  • Video Interwiew at BWE

    Thanks to, Jim Kukral for doing this interview. When he told me he was getting ready to put it online, I was concerned because I didn’t actually recall doing an interview. Now that I’ve seen it, I do remember, And for anyone not knowing the origin of this blog’s name, I tell the quick story…

  • Why the Yankees Suck (the opinion of a 4 year old)