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  • Getting Back To Human

    Last week, I attended the Vocus users conference here in DC. It was an interesting time for me based on my history with PR both as a blogger who can’t stand PR and a blogger who wants to see PR do well in social media. There was one session, in particular, where an audience member […]

  • For PHP Devs, a Twitter PHP Class

    At the end of this post, this site is going into a twitter free period of two weeks. I’m sensitive to the fact that we talk about Twitter quite a lot and not always doing a good job of reaching into all of real life like we’d like. So after this post, Twitter will not […]

  • Google Cannot Fix Twitter

    Jeff Jarvis thinks that only Google can fix Twitter’s woes. Google hasn’t fixed Blogger since acquiring it in 2003. In fact, it’s a spam sieve full of usability issues and lack of innovation. Meanwhile, Movable Type and WordPress keep plugging away at innovative approaches to blogging platforms. They haven’t innovated on Jaiku since acquiring the […]

  • WordPress Plugin: WP-Twitterpitch

    Obviously, there’s been a lot of talk about PR pitches gone bad. Stowe Boyd coined the word Twit Pitches last month. The concept is to force PR firms to use the economy of words (characters?) to pitch bloggers. It’s a reality in life, and I fight with my wife on this regularly, that no one […]

  • The Mind of Dave Winer

    Dave Winer has a bad reputation. He’s got a reputation for challenging anyone who disagrees with him. He’s got a reputation for blocking people by default on Twitter. Yeah. It’s the rule, not the exception. See, blocking on Twitter is an acceptable action. I’ve blocked people that are so troll-like, I can’t deal with them. […]

  • Effective Presence Marketing in Social Media

    “Presence Marketing” is a term that is being tossed around a lot more these days. Early Adopters (who remember, are useless) have known this for quite a bit now, and increasingly, we’re seeing later adopters catch that wave and jump on. Presence Marketing is the recognition and exposure that a person or company gets simply […]

  • Brightkite: Blazing New Paths in Microcontent

    A few weeks ago, I received an invite to Brightkite so I signed up, being the early adopter that I am. What I saw instantly resonated with me. Before I get into the technical and usability “stuff” let me explain the resonance I had. first there was Twitter which blazed onto the scene with the […]

  • Cómo Sacarle Provecho a Twitter

    Según las últimas cifras de Hitwise (via Twitter Facts), Twitter ha triplicado el número de visitas en los últimos tres meses. En el último año, las visitas a Twitter se han multiplicado por ocho. En Latinoamérica, son muchas las comunidades de Twitter que han ido surgiendo, interconectadas entre sí y con el resto del mundo. […]

  • Do You Have a Failover Plan?

    I thought it was funny when I saw a Tweet come through from Alex Payne (aka @al3x) this afternoon. Alex is something along the lines of the Big Daddy Architect at Twitter. The tweet stated that power was out at Twitter HQ and that they had failed over to abacuses. That’s not really funny, actually. […]

  • Siguiendo la F1 (y otras noticias) con Twitter

    Esta mañana fue el Gran Premio de Barcelona de la Formula 1 y qué mejor manera de seguirlo que a través de Twitter y la TV. Twitter (una red social que permite compartir mensajes de texto rápida y públicamente) es la herramienta perfecta para seguir eventos en vivo y enterarse de los últimos acontecimientos. Con […]