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  • Interview: Social Media Fills the Need for Human Contact on the Net

    Kalen Jordan, a relatively recent connection on the intertubes, approached me last week about doing an interview. I think he thought I was going to say no or that he was going to have to really kiss my butt to get the interview. :-) At any rate, we sat down to do a relatively short […]

  • Twitter Terminal Velocity

    Terminal Velocity is defined by physicists as the maximum speed that an object of a given mass can achieve when accelerating toward another object with a gravitational constant. Skydivers can only accelerate to a certain speed before maxing out at a terminal velocity. For the geeky science type among us, the formula is for determining […]

  • SXSW Interview: Laura "Pistachio" Fitton

    Another great interview – this time with Laura “Pistachio” Fitton – apparently her first interview?

  • SXSW Interview: Brian Clark from Copyblogger.com

    Brian clarks writes one of the most well known blogs in the world. But everyone wants to talk about Copyblogger with him. We decided to talk Twitter. Brian, for the record, is one of the nicest, most approachable guys around.

  • Distribución de Noticias via Twitter

    Un gran número de medios tradicionales está utilizando Twitter para distribuir las últimas noticias y alertas. Muchos corresponsales también usan Twitter para informar de las noticias antes de que estas lleguen al medio. Aquí he tratado de condensar un listado de medios que utilizan Twitter, cómo lo utilizan, links a gráficos indicando la frecuencia con […]

  • The Official Unofficial SXSW Playlist

    I know there’s probably only one of you that remembers back when I was doing custom playlists on request. Those were the days. I should revive that game. At any rate, a lot of geeks like myself are heading down to Austin next month for SXSW Interactive, possibly the Mecca of all web conferences. In […]

  • Los Curadores de Contenido

    El volumen de información que debemos procesar aumenta cada día. Cada nuevo paquete de contenido que consumimos parece abrir las puertas a cientos de paquetes adicionales. La sobrecarga de información se ha vuelto un problema tan grande que muchas veces paraliza nuestra productividad. Recientement, Steve Rubel (Micro Persuasion: The Digital Curator in Your Future) y […]

  • Twitter Contest: Be my 1000th Friend

    I’m at a special milestone in my Twitter career. Most people don’t end up with 1000 friends but the Twitter community is vibrant and I’m fully engaged so at this point, I have 999 friends. I thought it would be cool, in the spirit of Twitter and community, to hold a contest for the 1000th […]

  • Relationship in the Internet World

    I have a friend. Up until about a month ago, I only knew him as shashib. I didn’t know much about shashib, except what I observed about him on Twitter. As I observed shashib and interacted with him, I realized he was from the DC metropolitan area and that he was in social media. We […]

  • The DCTwits Twitter Group

    Real quick post here to let you know about the DC Twits Twitter user group. I set this up this weekend (first foray into Twitter API and it wasn’t too hard) for people in the Washington, D.C. metro area who want to subscribe. That doesn’t preclude anyone else from participating – for instance Brian Layman […]