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  • More of the Same in 2008; Or: We ain't no Seesmic

    It’s Monday morning and I’m sitting here at Reagan National Airport awaiting a flight to Toronto. This is my last business trip of 2007 and… when I return home on Wednesday, I’m only looking at another two business days before I entirely knock off for the year. I’ll probably blog, but no b5media (if I […]

  • Cómo Usar Google Trends para Analizar Estrategias y Mercados

    Google Trends es una herramienta ofrecida por los laboratorios de Google para analizar patrones de búsqueda en Google. Con ella podemos visualizar el volúmen de búsquedas realizadas para un término en particular o comparar varios términos. Usemos como ejemplo dos empresas que compiten por el mercado de celulares, Samsung y Sony Ericsson. Vamos a comparar […]

  • We're going Spanish!

    Well, we are not entirely going Spanish, but for some time, I’ve been dreaming about breaking this blog into the Spanish speaking community. The challenge always was – I don’t speak Spanish. I mean, I read it okay (Thank you, two years in NYC!) but I can’t write it and what’s a guy to do […]

  • La Regla de Oro de Twitter Marketing

    This post is the Spanish-translated version of “The Golden Rule of Twitter Marketing“, published earlier on this blog. It was graciously translated by Twitter friend @cosmic_sailor. Gracias! Usted conoce Twitter, correcto? Es la red social que trae a personas juntas en una conversación penetrante acerca de cualquier sucede en un momento dado. Como Mensaje Instantáneo […]