We're going Spanish!

Well, we are not entirely going Spanish, but for some time, I’ve been dreaming about breaking this blog into the Spanish speaking community. The challenge always was – I don’t speak Spanish. I mean, I read it okay (Thank you, two years in NYC!) but I can’t write it and what’s a guy to do about breaking into Spanish language content if he doesn’t actually speak Spanish?

Enter Carlos Granier-Phelps. Carlos is the CEO at RED66 in the Miami-Dade area. His firm works with companies trying to navigate social media, blogging and the strange new world out there. I was introduced to Carlos a few weeks ago (follow him on Twitter, by the way) and we have been talking since then.

In addition to his work at RED66, Carlos also is deeply involved in RefreshMiami, part of the Refresh movement that is popping up in Cities around the country and around the world including here in DC.

Carlos’ niche is very similar to mine – examining the trends in the internet world, particularly as they relate to social media, and figuring out how those trends translate into real life applications – for individuals and for business.

As usual, I’m still around flinging whiz about this stuff in English and Geoff Livingston will continue his weekly Thursday public relations column. So, welcome Carlos. Mi casa es su casa.