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  • Battle of the Titans: Premium Theme Framework Smackdown

    Battle of the Titans: Premium Theme Framework Smackdown

    I have provided updates for the problems reported with each theme on their pages in this report. We can provide one update per framework as long as something significant has changed (as in a new release of the theme). For a few days now, I’ve been looking closely at the four major theme frameworks. There […]

  • Technosailor.com Review and Disclosure Policy

    At Technosailor.com, we rarely do product or software reviews. Instead, it’s all about the actual benefit that comes to the business owner or entrepreneur from the product or service. Usually, it takes time for benefits or problems to come out. Though I am personally an early adopter of many technologies, I limit the number of […]

  • Indiana Jones

    Yesterday, I had the opportunity to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the first Indiana Jones move in 19 years. I make no promises about spoilers, but will attempt to avoid giving the story away. The opening scene was the hook to get Indiana Jones loves back into the action. Indy […]

  • Marketing 101: How Cloverfield Failed to Deliver on Expectations

    Earlier this evening, I joined several other social media type folks down in D.C. for a first night showing of Cloverfield, the film that was so secretive it didn’t have a name other than 01182008 until sometime last month. The film trailers were released on the internet sometime last year and bloggers, and movie folks […]