Indiana Jones

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the first Indiana Jones move in 19 years. I make no promises about spoilers, but will attempt to avoid giving the story away.


The opening scene was the hook to get Indiana Jones loves back into the action. Indy is now quite a bit older and the setting is many years later in the heart of the Red Scare. The enemy is no longer Nazi Germany, but the Soviet Union.

Indiana Jones survives a missile range speed acceleration testing track, loads of highly trained Russian Red Army with a strange inability to hit targets with their guns, three drops over Niagara Falls-size waterfalls and the collapse of yet another temple.

The requirement for the suspension of all belief aside, it was a pretty good movie. Definite popcorn flick. 3.5 Stars which isn’t bad for a Lucasfilm comeback.

Easter Eggs include: The Ark of the Covenant, Area 51, Shia LaBeouf nearly putting the Indiana Jones hat on his head, the Death Star drawn on a wall and a few more that I might have missed.

It was classic Indiana Jones. Historical plot woven with supernatural thread. Very enjoyable, but not at all believable.