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  • The Answer to Everything

    My friend, Chris Bachmann, turned me onto the Shallow Thoughts podcast which is hilarious! Here are thoughts on Life, the Universe and Everything. Enjoy!

  • Do You Have Questions for Rick Klau of FeedBurner

    Tomorrow afternoon, I’m interviewing Rick Klau of FeedBurner on a podcast that will be aired on Monday morning. This is your opportunity to go straight to the source. If you’ve got comments or questions for Rick about FeedBurner or… whatever… send me an email at aaron@b5media.com and I’ll get your question on the air. Last…

  • Exclusive Podcast: Performancing Sold to Splashpress Media

    David Krug on the Sale of Performancing to Splashpress Media. Aaron can’t pronounce Dave’s last name. David will be running the site and Splashpress Media will be operating it. The status of Nick Wilson and Patrick Gavin – they will continue to develop the Scribefire plugin (formerly Performancing for Firefox). The goals and intents of…