Tag: Interviews

  • Interview with the Entrepreneur: Jesse Thomas of JESS3

    I recently had the opportunity to speak with Jesse Thomas of JESS3 an innovative design firm here in the DC area. He has been working hard to create a business that is not just about design but about transforming the innovation process and working with the startups that will one day change the world. So…

  • Blogging in Boxers Interview

    No, I’m not an exhibitionist. Well, I’m sort of not. Maybe I am a little bit. Anyways. Minic Rivera contacted me a bit before SXSW to do this interview. As I love doing interviews, I accepted of course. It’s a pretty lengthy interview where I talk about alot of the same things I talk about…

  • SXSW Recap

    I’m back on Maryland soil now after changing my flight to come back home Wednesday instead of Thursday. It’s been a heck of a trip and I’m so exhausted. Nonetheless, it was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. I’ll have to catch up on the sessions I wanted to attend but did…

  • SXSW Interview: Rainer Cvillink from Mogulus

    Mogulus rocks from what I hear, and the folks there are very cool.

  • On the Jonny's Partay BlogTV Show

    Thanks to Jonny Goldstein for inviting me on the Jonny’s Partay show tonight. We had a blast despite poor audio latency through much of the interview. Part I can be seen over at District of Corruption and Part II here. Or on Jonny’s site. Enjoy!

  • Live on Jonny's Partay Video Show Wednesday

    We are going to have a BLAST this week. A number of events happening on my social media calendar, not the least of which is a guest appearance on Jonny Goldtein’s “Jonny’s Partay” video show. It will be live at JonnyGoldstein.com on Wednesday from 9-10pm EST. Feel free to view the archive if you miss…

  • Interviewed by the After Mac

    It’s no secret that I am an Apple fanboy now. :-) Juan interviewed me about my switch from Windows to Mac.