Where Social Gets to Business – Panel at GSP East 2008

Continuing the Live coverage of Graphing Social Patterns. We’ll be bringing live coverage of a panel entitles “Where Social Gets Down to Business”. On the panel is Michael Lazerow, Kevin Barenblat, Eddie Smith, Chris Cunningham and Shiv Singh.

The description of this panel is:

How does traditional advertiging work on social networks? What products and techniques are required to develop a viral marketing campaign? Find out how to use social networks, social advertising, and social applications to reach hundreds of millions of today’s online users.

Facebook Business & Marketing Solutions – Kent Schoen, Facebook

9:53 AM – This is going to be an interesting session considering my “history of hate” with Facebook Beacon, etc. Who knows? Maybe Beacon won’t even be mentioned. We’ll see.

The description of the session is as follows:

This session will present an overview of Facebook advertising and marketing solutions, including the Facebook Social Ads system and the Facebook application platform.

Uh huh. Watch it live as I live blog this session beginning around 10:30 AM Eastern time using CoveritLive.

Graphing Social Patterns – LinkedIn Keynote – Adam Nash

Thanks to Cover it Live for the software.

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Graphing Social Patterns – Day 2 (06/10/2008)
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LinkedIn Keynote beginning
We are a purpose drive network. We believe in trust. We believe in Business Relevance
This is Adam Nash from LinkedIn on stage
Showing a slide tghat shows LinkedIn as #4 social network after MySpace, Facebook and Classmates Online (WTF?!)
Average age of LinkedIn users is 41. On par with Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Business Week
Execs from all 500 Fortune 500 companies on Linked in. 3M small biz professionals
Jumping into Why Advertise on LinkedIn?
9:30 [Poll]
Are you more interested in social netwrok application development or the business/advertising potential in social networking?
Applications and Development

( 0% )

Business and Advertising

( 100% )

None of the Above

( 0% )
Advertising possibilities – Run of Professional, inCrowds or Custom Segments
Fundamentally, our advertising is based on profile-based targetting
Jumping into the Platform. LinkedIn uses OpenSocial http://code.google.com/apis/opensocial/
LinkedIn was one of the original charter members on board the Google Open Social movement
I think, considering the Technosailor.com niche, I think I need to explore some of the advertising/OpenSocial API opportunities
OpenSocial platform launch for LinkedIn is NOT launched yet. It will be launched later
Platform: Home, Profile Canvas views
Platform: Currently selecting parrtners (Criteria: Productivity apps, extension to professional profile, targeted verticals)
Platform: We will open up over time
Adam’s profile on LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/adamnash
Taking audience questions
Question: LinkedIn already has a set of monetization strategies?
Answer: We make money on 1) Advertising, 2) Classifieds, 3) Subscription/Premium products and 4) Enterprise class products sold directly into large organizations
Question: Does LinkedIn have plans to make a way to visualize connections between people, businesses, etc?
Answer: Platform will help with this. Currently we also provide a way to see this within a company, including most pageviews for profile, etc.
Question: What is the spread geographically across the world? Top three countries?
Answer: Half members are from US. Very successful in countries like the UK, India, Netherlands and other places in Europe. It’s a moving target and Adam is not entirely clear – not wearing his PR hat.
Question: LinkedIn apps for the iPhone 3G?
Answer: LinkedIn has a iphone web app that they’ve been impressed with. Whether therre will be a July 7th app launch, LinkedIn is a fan and will pursue aggressivley – but this is not an announcement. Just a hint
Session Over.

Day 1: Graphing Social Patterns

I’m sitting here at the Hyatt in Crystal City, Virginia. Planes fly in low overhead to touchdown on the runway at Reagan National Airport a mile away. It is hot, muggy and trains are derailing not far from here. Generally, it’s the kind of day that sets folks on edge.

I’m at the Graphing Social Patterns East conference, put on my O’Reilly Media. Full disclaimer: I’m not a fan of Tim O’Reilly. However, this conference is shaping up to be an interesting one as developers and businesses tackle the social landscape. Specifically, the social landscape as it pertains to applications.

Today has been tutorial day, as developers have been introduced (or reintroduced) to developing Facebook and MySpace applications. Meh meh meh. More zombies. The highlight (for me with my twisted mind) being when the speaker referred to a friend building a Masterbeat.com which resulted in an awkward, yet funny, pause. It’s music, people! It’s not what you think!

Regardless, today has been nowhere near as internet-shattering as Steve Jobs’ Keynote. Maybe tomorrow.

Live Coverage of Graphing Social Patterns East

Picture 1.pngStarting tomorrow through Wednesday, Technosailor.com will be bringing you coverage of the Graphing Social Patterns East conference here in Washington, D.C. We were a last minute applicant for media credentials, but squeaked in by the skin of our teeth. Thanks, Dave McClure and Maureen Jennings for making that happen!

GSP is an interesting conference to be had here in Washington, but it goes to the nature of a very rich (and somewhat untapped) community of social app developers here in the area. Refresh DC is one of the largest of the Refresh Movement cities, but because of the disjointed nature of the different DC communities, a lot of us in the “social media” community don’t necessarily see those in the developer community.

But cool things are happening. Social Times is doing a good job covering a lot of it.

So, I’ll be at GSP bringing live coverage. It’s looking to be a massive event and though I’d rather be at WWDC, GSP is a great alternative. For those of you who plan to be there, look me up. I’m @technosailor on Twitter.