Day 1: Graphing Social Patterns

I’m sitting here at the Hyatt in Crystal City, Virginia. Planes fly in low overhead to touchdown on the runway at Reagan National Airport a mile away. It is hot, muggy and trains are derailing not far from here. Generally, it’s the kind of day that sets folks on edge.

I’m at the Graphing Social Patterns East conference, put on my O’Reilly Media. Full disclaimer: I’m not a fan of Tim O’Reilly. However, this conference is shaping up to be an interesting one as developers and businesses tackle the social landscape. Specifically, the social landscape as it pertains to applications.

Today has been tutorial day, as developers have been introduced (or reintroduced) to developing Facebook and MySpace applications. Meh meh meh. More zombies. The highlight (for me with my twisted mind) being when the speaker referred to a friend building a which resulted in an awkward, yet funny, pause. It’s music, people! It’s not what you think!

Regardless, today has been nowhere near as internet-shattering as Steve Jobs’ Keynote. Maybe tomorrow.