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  • Crazy Christians and Bad Spam and Mailing List Management

    Crazy Christians and Bad Spam and Mailing List Management

    I somehow got added to a mailing list recently unsolicited. It’s called Christian Report and I refuse to link to them. It is an arrogant, self-serving site that is plagued by guilt. There is therefore now no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus. -Romans 8:1 What is seriously tragic about this site (aside […]

  • AwayFind Launches, Brings New Solutions for Email Freedom

    Sometime late last year, I caught wind of an email productivity tool that was in development. That product, AwayFind promised to help people stop checking email. Since then, I’ve gotten to know the founder and CEO, Jared Goralnick who has been approaching the product with a very head down, listening approach. I have used AwayFind […]

  • The Quest for Email Ninjahood: Consolidate Email

    Before we got a little distracted by other things, we began a series on email ninjahood. Because email bandwidth continues to be a problem for many people with the ubiquity of Blackberries, smartphones and email anywhere you turn. The recommendations I’m offering in this series work for me but they may not work for everyone. […]

  • The Quest for Email Ninjahood – I Admit That I Have a Problem

    I’m beginning a short series here that, on one hand, I hope to use to educate and on the other hand I hope to expose myself and the flaws I have in how I deal with email. Email quite simply is a problem. Some people are blessed to have little email traffic so they squander […]