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  • Eco-friendly Conference Attendance

    There’s probably several dozen major tech conferences, or pseudo tech-conferences, that happen every year. Social media hounds and bloggers head off to conferences like SXSW, Gnomedex or even SES. What are some of the things that people can do to be a little more environmentally conscience while attending these things. Walk Instead of taking a […]

  • When a Brand Fades

     Today is the New, New Internet Conference, the biggest web 2.0 conference on the Eastern Seaboard this fall. More than 800 attendees are expected. The roster of speakers is impressive. The conference will focus on the larger business aspects of the new Internet economy. Though I am one of the speakers, I will be in the […]

  • PME Day 2: Keynote with Jim Louderback

    Jim Louderback, formerly of ZDNet, recently joined Revision3 that is essentially TechTV version 3.0. I had a drink with him last night and we discussed their recent $8 million in new funding and how they would be using it. He talked about the new studio and the vision to be the Discovery/TLC of the Internet […]

  • The 7 Secrets of Media Monetization

    Sitting in the PME afternoon sessions I had the opportunity to watch Paul Colligan of PodcastSecrets talk about the “7 Secrets of Monetization that Big Media Hopes You Don’t Figure Out”. As a summary, here we go: – You are the media – Big Media is Big Business – Always Improve/Never Invent – It Changes […]

  • Podcasting is really New Media

    Michael Geoghegan started his presentation with “podcasting is dead”. He said that if you are doing this you really are in the digital media business if you are engaging and producing podcasts and new media. Couldn’t agree with him more. Now, off to find lunch and people to network with….

  • Blogging from PME – Keynote with Howard Lindzon

    This morning the keynote with Howard Lindzon he talked about his sale to CBS for a reported $5 million dollars. Here are some of his opinions about the show: – motivation to build the show – everything out there sucked. – what his end goal was – to sell the show – about interviewing over […]

  • Writing for B5 Media – Come on over to Startup Spark

    Hello all, just wanted to let you know that I have been offered an opportunity to write for a great blog on the B5 Media Network. The blog is called Startup Spark and is similar to Venture Files but is a broader version on all types of entrepreneurship. I invite you to check it out […]

  • FOWA Presentation on Venture Capital

    I saw this presentation that Ben Holmes of Index Ventures gave at the FOWA Conference in London “Everything you need to know about Venture Capital“… He put his slides on slideshare so take a look. (BTW, Slideshare rocks) Here is an entrepreneur’s take on the slideshow: Think of this as liner notes if an entrepreneur […]

  • Welcome to Thunderdome: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs on stage at the D Conference

    When I read that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were going to be on stage together doing joint appearance at D:All Things Digital, the Mad Max movie came to mind. My mind kept echoing….”Two men enter. One man leaves. Two men enter. One man leaves.” Unrehearsed and unscripted? This is rare and should be a […]

  • Analyzing the Keynotes: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

    This is fascinating. I was thinking of doing an analysis of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates keynotes. I watched them both and their styles are so different. Steve Jobs is the modern day PT Barnum. His charm is high and his enthusiasm is contagious. Bill’s Keynote was tired and a bit boring with skit like […]