Analyzing the Keynotes: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

This is fascinating. I was thinking of doing an analysis of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates keynotes. I watched them both and their styles are so different.

Steve Jobs is the modern day PT Barnum. His charm is high and his enthusiasm is contagious.

Bill’s Keynote was tired and a bit boring with skit like demonstrations. The Windows Server was cool, but the iPhone that Steve Jobs presented was light years beyond.

This analysis is great and includes Michael Dell.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs: Keynote text analysis

What really strikes me is the “Average Words per Sentence” number.

SJ is at 10.5
BG is 21.6
Michael Dell is 16.5

The bottom line for a communications guy like me is that shorter sentences that are not dense with fancy words works the best. It is nice to have this proved for the hard numbers people out there.

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