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  • My Remarks to Congressional Staffers Today

    I’ve been invited to speak to two groups of Congressional staffers today. In about 30 mins, I’ll speak to Republican staffers at the Capitol Hill Club. Later today, at 1:30, I’ll be speaking to the Democrats in their Capitol Building office. The topic is Blogging, microblogging and social media and the event is hosted by […]

  • There and Back Again: Top 10 Blogs to Explore

    I was asked by the Editor of blogs.com to join an ongoing project where they poll some of the top bloggers (Marc Canter, Chris Anderson of Wired, Marc Andressen of Ning, etc). Somehow, I got on that list of bloggers. The point was to provide Top 10 blogs for their readers to read… sometimes on […]

  • Passion, Relationships and Thought Leadership

    Back in the bad old days of blogging, the way to get attention was simple. Flame someone long enough and hard enough and they would take notice and respond in comments, or otherwise. Bloggers realized their power for change and took their platforms seriously, calling into question media accounts in politics, public relations nightmares such […]

  • Flamewars in the Blogosphere

    I don’t want to be the guy that shines a spotlight on the many varied and obscene warts that exist in the blogosphere. Far be it from me to hold myself up as an example of exemplary behavior. However, there is a disturbing trend in the world of blogs these days and it really needs […]

  • The Power of Bloggers

    I subscribe to a handful of blogs that are completely unrelated to my niche. The reason behind these subscriptions are varied: historical niche coverage that I’ve done (for instance, politics when I got started), friends or associates, really killer blogs related to specific sports teams, etc. There’s different reason. Largely, though, my RSS reader is […]

  • 7 Herramientas de Relaciones Públicas que su Empresa No Conoce

    La web ofrece una gran cantidad de herramientas para hacer relaciones públicas. A continuación, siete herramientas que facilitarán su operación de relaciones públicas online. Distribución de Boletines de Prensa Para distribuir boletines de prensa al mayor número de personas posible, están SanePR y PR-Web. Fáciles de usar, gratis la primera y paga la segunda, estas […]

  • 3 Recomendaciones para Integrar la Web Social a tu Estrategia de Relaciones Públicas

    Muchas oficinas de relaciones públicas ignoran la existencia -y la importancia- de la web en sus campañas de relaciones públicas. Considerando lo fácil que es publicar una opinión en la web y distribuirla a miles de personas, es un grave error ignorar el poder -para bien y para mal- de esta herramienta. Alertas Toda campaña […]

  • Exclusive Podcast: Performancing Sold to Splashpress Media

    David Krug on the Sale of Performancing to Splashpress Media. Aaron can’t pronounce Dave’s last name. David will be running the site and Splashpress Media will be operating it. The status of Nick Wilson and Patrick Gavin – they will continue to develop the Scribefire plugin (formerly Performancing for Firefox). The goals and intents of […]