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  • Get a Management System — Now

    This is a continuation of the series that began with Startups Need Management, Too All the warnings about the forthcoming next nuclear winter for startups drive home the need for a management system. Tough times call for tough measures, but that doesn’t mean CEOs should get carte blanche for discretionary cuts — a sure way […]

  • Startups Need Management, Too

    Prospectors joining the dot-com gold rush in the ’90s were mainly coming from large organizations seeking to capture some of the new wealth. But along with the promises of stock options and casual dress came another bonus — no bureaucracy. No meetings! No Microsoft Exchange! And no more onerous management systems. Disciplined startups recognized that […]

  • It's 5 O'clock Somewhere. In Case You're on a Deadline

    For all the times I rant about PR pitches around here, I actually do get some good ones. Generally, these pitches are timely to me or my audience and are respectful in how they ask for press. Thus was the case today when a guy named Sergei [last name withheld for privacy] emailed me about […]