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  • WordPress 2.0.6: CRITICAL Security Release

    WordPress 2.0.6 was released today. This is a critical security release (There are at least two security flaws that I know of that were fixed in this version). I went ahead and upgraded all of our blogs successfully. If you manage more than, say, 10 blogs then perhaps Brian Layman’s script will be useful for […]

  • Podcasting Essentials: Part I

    I’m starting a new series around podcasting based on my experiences at Suicide Fan. It may be added to on an ongoing basis as I learn more and have more to share (rumor has it I’m going to get to talk to some folks at a prominent Silicon Valley podcasting company soon). This entry will […]

  • Feedburner Releases Site Stats Package

    This morning, Feedburner announced that they have added Site Stats to all feeds. There is no fee necessary and is available to any Feedburner feed, regardless of Pro Stats status. Of course, the service must be activated (Under Analyze > Site Stats) and takes some time to collect data (A small piece of javascript must […]

  • Purple Friday

    Technosailor will be participating. Don’t be surprised to see Purple strewn on this blog.

  • Jim Turner to Guest Host on the Suicide Fan Podcast

    I would normally not promote the contents of the podcast over at Suicide Fan except that a blogger that is relatively known to my audience here will be guest hosting with me on this weeks show. Jim Turner is the CEO of One by One Media and a sports fan to boot. If you have […]

  • New Version of Serendipity (s9y) to WordPress Importer Available

    There is a new version of the Serendipity importer available for WordPress. It can be downloaded at here. Note: The old location no longer works. This version is a bugfix version addressing issues of unassociated comments and unassociated categories. This should be considered a beta release until I get more user feedback. To use, upload […]

  • Happy 2007!

    Welcome to 2007. This is a prepublished entry as I am likely drinking heavily and playing Xbox 360 right now, but I wanted to post my own contribution to the world of new year welcomes. This past year has been huge for me. Jan 1 of 2006 saw me separated from my wife, working three […]

  • 10 Things You Need to Know About WordPress 2.0

    If you’ve been seriously blogging for any bit of time at all, you’ve heard of the juggernaut that is WordPress. WordPress, of course, is the most popular self-hosted blogging platform utilized by independent writers. The official launch of WordPress 2.0 is upon us and, no doubt, the blogosphere will be buzzing about its launch. As a […]

  • 10 Rules for Dealing With Snow

    10 Rules for Dealing With Snow

    Since we had such a large snow storm this weekend, it dawned on me that some folks might not be equipped to handle the elements. In Maryland, we are prepared for such events so this entry is geared towards people from places like Buffalo, Chicago and Massachusetts who may not be prepared for the devastation […]