Happy 2007!

Welcome to 2007. This is a prepublished entry as I am likely drinking heavily and playing Xbox 360 right now, but I wanted to post my own contribution to the world of new year welcomes.

This past year has been huge for me. Jan 1 of 2006 saw me separated from my wife, working three jobs, seriously in debt, and basically just treading water to survive. One year later, my world has changed. My wife and I are back together and very happy. I have quit all the jobs I worked last year and am working fulltime in the Web 2.0 world. Much of my debt is eliminated. I now blog for money as opposed to blogging just to hear myself talk.

It’s not all about this blog though. This blog has almost doubled in traffic. I’ve dumped 4 blogs and picked up Suicide Fan and began contributing to the Washington Hotlist. I’ve contributed at Problogger, Blog Herald and the WordPress development blog.

My profile has grown, my reach pushed out and my contact list expanded.

As we go into 2007, I recognize where I’ve come but I recognize that my readers have helped me get there. I love you guys for it. Thanks!

Happy New Year to you and yours. May your dreams come true in this new year as so many of mine have in 2006.