The Death of Newspapers. Or Not.

Blogs and Newspapers Co-Exist and are Mutually Beneficial

While both of these positions can be argued vehemently from both sides, statistics to back it all up and passion to drive the points home, it’s of my belief that the traditional media world exists alongside the new media world, because they both sustain each other.

It is true that the traditional media world must change in order to survive. Likewise, the new media world must embrace, engage and welcome the traditional journalists and media organizations into the fold.

Both provide an important part of the ecosystem and neither is really going away, despite notable changes that have come to and will come to the landscape. It is a very Darwinian world, as it has always been. Those organizations, in both worlds, that can adapt to a changing landscape will survive. The ones who refuse, or incompetent to change, will not.

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Published by Aaron Brazell

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