The Digg Mob

As demonstrated by the chaos that ensued on “the HP thread”, the Digg mob is essentially a classless, shameless group. I guess they have every right to be. But the reality is that people take on personalities and alter-egos far different than they most likely have in real life. This week is Digg week here at Technosailor. I’m not trying to get on Digg’s front page. Been there. Took down the servers. I could take it or leave it as they gave me nothing.

However, it was a prime way to kickoff Digg week – heck you didn’t even know it was Digg week, did you?

Tomorrow morning, special guest Steven Fisher from Venture Files, will be talking about things Digg needs to do to stay alive.

And of course, Wednesday’s topic has already been riffed upon today by Jason Calacanis and Duncan Riley. I guess I’m late to the party and will have to figure out how to not steal their thunder, or sound like an echo chamber – even though my post has been brewing for several days now and was accentuated by today’s chaos.

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