Tag: rant

  • Platforms vs. Products: Google Does Some Soul Searching

    A rant from a Googler comparing Amazon’s focus on a platform vs Google’s focus on products. Fundamental.

  • How To Get an Angry Email From Me

    So you know how I keep railing on Public Relations people? Yeah… That. I’ve decided to use one such PR Representative, a Mr. Cory O’Brien, as an object lesson. Though he doesn’t deserve it, I will leave his phone number and email address out. Hi Site Owner, My name is Cory O’Brien, and I’m the […]

  • The Digg Mob

    As demonstrated by the chaos that ensued on “the HP thread”, the Digg mob is essentially a classless, shameless group. I guess they have every right to be. But the reality is that people take on personalities and alter-egos far different than they most likely have in real life. This week is Digg week here […]