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  • WordPress WXR Class

    One of the most frustrating things to me in my years of working with WordPress and b5media has been migrating blogs into WordPress. Every blog platform does things differently and although WordPress has import support for a large number of blog platforms, it always seems like I get the job of migrating from platforms that […]

  • WordCamp Dallas: What do you want to know?

    At the end of March, I’ll be speaking at WordCamp Dallas. I’ve been asked to speak about WordPress in an environment, but have been given broad latitude to shape that discussion in any way I like. So I’m turning it over to you. I’ll be making my slide deck available here, and maybe I’ll stream […]

  • Tribute Craigslist Theme for WordPress

    At Mesh this week, I had the pleasure of attending Jim Buckmaster’s keynote. Jim is the CEO of Craigslist, a completely user powere company. It is the anti-web 2.0 with no frills websites, no typical business structure, a disdain for meetings, marketing and PR – yet, one of the craziest success stories of the late […]

  • Guide to Disaster: How The Tech Team Handled WordPress Security Flaw

    By now, the news has spread rapidly in security circles and on mailing lists about an exploit to the WordPress software less than or equal to version 2.1.3. To give you some background, we had held off on upgrading to version 2.2 that came out last week due to bugs in the software that we […]

  • The Well Defined Lines of Blogging

    This article was originally published on March 24, 2005 and is being republished as part of the Technosailor 3-year Blogiversary series. Enjoy! A timeless quote… Blogging is a developing medium, but at the same time it is well established. The players that were in existence in 2003 have now been changed due to acquisitions and […]

  • 10 Things You Should Know About WordPress 2.2

    Ah, the time has come again. So soon at that. Imminently, a new WordPress release comes to our doorsteps (It’s being given a final once over by testers – Update: It’s here). Since WordPress has gone into a 120-day release cycle (plus a few weeks in this case), the feature list is shorter but more […]

  • The Technosailor Design Process

    Last week, I launched the new and improved layout of this blog. I mentioned Lisa Sabin created the look. She deserves a lot of credit for taking very vague conceptual ideas and turning them into the layout and design that is being showed off here. Lisa describes the process of doing the Technosailor design work […]

  • Technosailor Version 7 Hits the Street

    I’m really, really happy right now because we’re begininning the three year anniversary celebration a little early here. Back in March, I started to discuss the possibility of a professional theme with the fantabulous Lisa Sabin. I gave her some of my ideas and in essence let her go to town creating something suitably professional […]

  • WordPress Custom Fields Contest Extended

    I know there’s some last minute interest in the contest I announced on February 1st and to give everyone a fair shake, the contest is being extended 1 month to March 30th. Remember, the rules state that the project must be new in the Feb 1 to March 30 timeframe. Older projects are not allowed. […]

  • Blog Migration Template Reference

    In case anyone is involved with inter-platform migrations, I have worked up a quick-reference for template tags and their translations in Blogger, Movable Type and WordPress.