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  • Twitter Pitching

    Yesterday, I released the WP-Twitterpitch plugin which has already gotten a few good writeups. The response is moderate. Some people don’t want pitches in their direct message box. Others think that TwitPitches should follow the Stowe Boyd model of public pitches. Still others could see the plugin being used as a contact form. Sure. Yes, […]

  • WordPress Plugin: WP-Twitterpitch

    Obviously, there’s been a lot of talk about PR pitches gone bad. Stowe Boyd coined the word Twit Pitches last month. The concept is to force PR firms to use the economy of words (characters?) to pitch bloggers. It’s a reality in life, and I fight with my wife on this regularly, that no one […]

  • WordPress Plugin: Embargo Press Release

    I just got done hacking together a quick plugin that will allow you to generate an Embargo Notated version of an entry in the form of a Word Document. While this plugin won’t be for everyone, it is particularly effective for bloggers who “scoop” stories or who, perhaps, have product announcements.

  • WordPress FAQ: What's up with the Amazon Plugin with WP 2.1.x?

    How do I use the new version of the Amazon plugin? It never brings up what I am looking for and its very annoying. I want to be able to use it the way it was before the WP upgrade. This question comes from Shannon Nelson who is complaining about the new version of WP-Amazon. […]

  • Timecapsule Plugin 1.0.3

    A few of you have been asking me about when Timecapsule (initially released on Problogger) would be WordPress 2.1 compliant. The time is now and not yet. For those who wish to download and test (please do!), you can do so via SVN: 1svn co http://svn.b5media.com/svn/timecapsule/trunk Or download the nightly. I am looking to take […]

  • New Version of Serendipity (s9y) to WordPress Importer Available

    There is a new version of the Serendipity importer available for WordPress. It can be downloaded at here. Note: The old location no longer works. This version is a bugfix version addressing issues of unassociated comments and unassociated categories. This should be considered a beta release until I get more user feedback. To use, upload […]