10 Things You Need to Know About WordPress 2.3

We have a tradition around these parts of publishing information for the WordPress community surrounding a new major release of WordPress. With WordPress 2.3 to be released on September 24, 2007, I think it’s appropriate to follow the tradition and let you know about the ten things I think you should know about WordPress 2.3. […]

WordPress FAQ: Troubleshooting a WordPress Install

Help! My WordPress install is borked and I don’t know how to fix it or even where to begin looking This question is actually inspired by the support thread over at the WordPress Support Forums regarding a percieved bug in the Autosave feature in WordPress 2.1. In that thread, things got very heated as one […]

WordPress FAQ: Benefits of Tagging

What advantages obtain from direct tagging, whether manually or by widget, vice using the WP category? This question comes from James Joyner. This is a widely-held debate, so I’ll provide my own opinion. ;-) As far as Technorati, and perhaps Google Blog Search is concerned, WordPress categories and tags are one and the same. However, […]

WordPress FAQ: What is the best way to upgrade a WordPress 1.5 blog to WordPress 2.1?

Okay… my personal Blog (the one the leaf has been removed from) is an older version of WP (waaaaaay back to 1.5 something) and has been seriously re-designed by Khaled Abou Alfa from 9rules (a dam* good man btw). I would love to upgrade it to a current version but there is where I lose […]

WordPress FAQ: User Roles Confusion

I’ve seen the roles list in the User page. But what’s the difference between an Author and a Contributor? There are five built in roles in WP2.0+. These roles, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and Subscriber compartmentalize most of the groups of functionality in WordPress. Naturally, Administrators can do everything. If you own a multi-author blog, […]

WordPress FAQ: How Do I Fix the Blogroll Category Issue in WordPress 2.1

In WordPress 2.0.x there was a simple facility to bulk change the link categories for numbers of links. Unless I’m mistaken, that appears to have been dropped from 2.1.x. I’ve just imported 52 links to what’s now called the Blogroll (it used to be “œLinks”) and have had to add the link category individually to […]