Has Windows Vista Been Released?

I ask the question, “Has Windows Vista been released?” in a tounge-in-cheek sort of way. Of course, I know it has, but to be honest I wasn’t aware until about 3 days after it had been released and the only way I found out was because I was watching a TiVo’d episode of Jon Stewart when Bill Gates was on. I simply don’t care. (Apparently, according to search engine traffic, alot of people seem to care though).

When I worked with Windows on a daily basis in my former life, I was acutely aware of Microsoft news and tracked Vista development. When I switched to Mac in October 2006 (remember the interview about my switch?), I mostly forgot about Microsoft. Well, I remember every month on patch Tuesday when Microsoft Office for Mac recieves updates and I have to reboot the computer, but I digress.

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