Virtual Solutions to Shared Network Resources and Email Solutions

I’ve been looking into a number of different resources for b5media. Namely, I’m looking for a better email solution for mail serving as well as an offsite backup and shared resources solution. As we’re a fairly large infrastructure spread globally, we have requirements as well.

Email Solution

Currently, we run all our mail locally through sendmail/dovecot and while this is a workable solution, it’s time consuming to have to go in and edit




all the time. Not to mention trying to get spamassassin to actually deal with spam appropriately. On the surface, I’m a fan of Google Apps for Domains. It allows a nice interface for adding email accounts. Forwarders is a short step from there. And of course, Gmail’s spam filtering is next to none. Add to that the ability to have POP/IMAP/SMTP access via Gmail and it becomes the workaround solution for most of our users.

Then of course, we use Googlegroups for mailing lists.
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