Maryland is upping their startup game

As an entrepreneur in the MD/DC/Northern VA area, I am glad to see this from a press release yesterday:

The Greater Baltimore Technology Council (GBTC) said on Monday that it is partnering with the Kauffman Foundation to make Kauffman eVenturing — a web site created specifically for
entrepreneurs — available for the first time to Maryland entrepreneurs. The site offers original articles written by entrepreneurs, as well as other articles and tools designed to help entrepreneurs grow their companies.

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Predictions 2007 – Gaming Industry

I don’t have alot on the gaming business right now.

I might be burned out from the prediction thing. Nevertheless, there are three major things I am seeing that will happen in 2007.

MMORPG’s are going to connect at a meta level. Someone is going to create a true metaverse where everyone will connect at a top layer.

Wii will lose its novelty and become the hacking platform of choice. I dub thee “The new Amiga”.

PS3 has better sales but stays elite and the rumored $2500 version bombs here but is a hit in Japan.

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2007 Predictions – Web 2.0 Landscape

The whole web 2.0 is just so over. Everything labeled 2.0 is stupid and it is a short term mistake because now that you have versions you won’t have long term innovation.

Here is my two cents on the market for 2007:

Digg – They have set off a revolution but the hype is going to peak. Netscape actually has better news and is more relevant. Make money or sell soon.

– Arrogant Founder, turns down $1.5B offer because he thinks its worth $8B. People are just wanting this to implode. I have one word for you – Friendster.

– MySpace will offer paid content or new revenue share models. As many people say that Web 2.0 is an after market for Google, media sites and design shops will become an after market for MySpace. We will see a whole new set of companies specializing in “MySpace consulting”.

Office 2.0
– This area will make some incremental headway as the apps get more sophisticated but the trick is going to be offline use.

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2007 Predictions – Overall Tech Industry

Let’s move on to the tech industry which is looking to be a great year and the best since 1999.

Enterprise 2.0 will be the most over used phrase of 2007.
Since Web 2.0 has even made it to the cover of Time magazine, people are wondering how this will actually improve their businesses. This is why people pitching solutions to companies will hook on to the Enterprise 2.0 moniker. Much like the Internet when it became popular in the early to mid-1990’s the first way it made money was to the public user or consumer. Soon intranets became popular and then enterprise portals made web technologies have real impact on businesses. The same is happening now and companies will move en masse to be Enterprise 2.0 service providers.

Vista will not get adopted by IT departments and might suffer from the Osborne effect. It will be force fed to us in new systems purchased and not by IT companies looking to upgrade. They will want a real advantage and it looks like the next Microsoft OS revisions will have the WinFS and other stuff.

Search will move to niche markets. This is because Google is good for somethings but not all things. Many search engines are helping with specific areas like Jobster and

RSS Technology will evolve and a new technology will be launched on top of it. RSS is just too hard to work with and there will be a new technology that will sit on top of RSS making communication and content creation even easier.

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2007 Predictions-VC Market

As I get back in swing of blogging after a few months off, starting the new year with a predictions entry is a good way to start.

I thought I might do this topically to keep things organized. This is also going to be separate into easier digestible posts. Let’s get started with my outside looking in thoughts on the VC market.

Overall Venture Capital Markets
Deal flow will be steady but not bubble like. Increase and investment will grow at a steady 5-10% amount on average. As many VC’s continue to invest with a herd mentality, look for lots of “green investments” in clean technologies. Software will increase but media will be the darling after the YouTube exit. I believe that trends in social networking like Social Shopping, Social Search and Social Commerce will take it to the next level. Funding and M&A activity will be heavy.

More funds will go international. The amount of deal flow in the US is fine but those looking to make great strides will be going to India and China. This is supported by the NVCA survey (downloads pdf file) courtesy of the VentureBeat site.

The Carlyle Model becomes more popular. There are only so many companies that Google, Yahoo and Microsoft will want to buy. Carlyle Group has made a name for itself as a conglomerate and there will be more of a “Keiretsu revival” where instead of in the 90’s when people invested and then tried to tie them together, companies will form in order to buy established companies that will work well together. Why try and create another Yahoo when you can buy 15 companies that together make an even better one?

The IPO market will be almost back in full swing. The housing market will continue to crap out so people will be looking to put their money in the market again. This means IPOs but it doesn’t mean bubbles. People are smarter these days and companies will have to really be making money and have a real plan otherwise they should hope to be acquired by Google or a Hedge Fund.

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