Live from Ravens Training Camp

I’m leaving tomorrow for Gnomedex so I don’t anticipate any last minute blogging. Instead, I’ll leave you with a video cast that I produced today from Ravens Training Camp in Westminster, MD for my Suicide Fan weekly sports podcast. For those of you who are sports fans, I hope you enjoy. For everyone else, well… Gnomedex is on Thursday and I’m sure I’ll be posting things you’ll want to read.


NFL Draft Predictions

Today is the first day of the NFL draft 2007 and I’ll be following it closely and doing a bit of live blogging over at Suicide Fan. In addition, we’ll cap the draft day 1 off with a podcast with David Kindervater, credentialed NFL press and podcaster, from NYC at the end of Round 1. Due to timing, the show will be released tomorrow morning. Questions? Comments? Leave your message at 443-450-4646 or at Continue reading “NFL Draft Predictions”

Alex King on Sports Show This Week

Heads up to all you crossover WP geeks/sports fans. Tomorrow, I’ll be recording a podcast at Suicide Fan with Alex King of WordPress consulting fame. He has created several plugins as well as the RSS aggregator Feedlounge.

Tomorrow will be sort of like a vacation for Alex, I would think. The chance to participate in the sports community as more than just a fan without having to stand on his technical expertise. :-)

I’d like to extend an invitation to call into the show and leave a message on the voicemail. The number is 443-450-4646. These are sports related, particularly Baseball related, comments, questions and observations. It will be fun to have a somewhat interactive show. Callers Requested

I just posted this up on Twitter but as we only have an hour, I’m posting the request here as well:

Now taking callers to the sports podcast. Call in @ (443) 450-4646 and leave your comments or questions. Next hour only.

Jim Turner to Guest Host on the Suicide Fan Podcast

I would normally not promote the contents of the podcast over at Suicide Fan except that a blogger that is relatively known to my audience here will be guest hosting with me on this weeks show. Jim Turner is the CEO of One by One Media and a sports fan to boot. If you have questions for myself or Jim and would like to have your questions answered on the podcast, send an email to before tomorrow at 3pm EST.