Abusing Twitter Direct Messages, Spam and Classlessness

This morning I received a Twitter direct message from the official account for I hate JJ Reddick, one of the best Baltimore sports blogs I know of. I like these guys. I read the blog almost every day and follow many of the writers on Twitter. I live in Baltimore, or as we call it… “Smalltimore”. It’s a small town. You get to know people. You run into them all the time.

(To be fair, I have yet to personally meet any of them, but it’s only a matter of time. Most of the writers are one degree of separation away.)

As a Ravens fan, I am on board with them. I’m a fan. But I’m also a Red Sox fan, which makes for some good-natured rivalry with Orioles coverage. I’m not above a good-natured rivalry and it’s all in fun anyway. Or it’s supposed to be.

The Direct Message was simply:

Can you help me tweet out this link of Machado’s homer from last night? Appreciate it! http://ihatejjr.com/content/manny-machados-game-winning-homer-boston-last-night-was-glorious-gif

There are several things wrong with this DM.

For starters, on the superficial level, I’m a Red Sox fan. Machado’s homerun came against the Red Sox and it proved to be the game winner in the top of the 9th inning. My bio on Twitter is:

Author / Former Austinite / WordPress Developer / Football Fan / Ravens, Red Sox, Longhorns, Terps / Equality and Justice for All

Cut and dry. I label myself as a Sox fan. I tweet about the Sox. It’s obvious I’m a Sox fan. So when asked to spread a link that I don’t like, for fan reasons, I say no.

The second problem with this DM is the abuse angle. It’s a much more fundamental problem than simply a fan rivalry. Whoever sent this DM clearly didn’t know his audience, and it becomes painfully obvious that the account was simply sending a mass DM to all followers for the purpose of driving more traffic to the article. The article is written by a Bernaldo, who I don’t know and am not familiar with. For the sake of not making unnecessary accusations, I’m going to assume he was not the one behind the DM.

This tactic of mass DMming is frowned upon almost universally. The fact that it was to drive traffic, which is directly proportional to ad impressions, makes it spam. This is a much bigger issue than just a fan rivalry.

So I sent this response:

No. I’m a Red Sox fan. Please don’t abuse DM like this… ;)

Note the winky face, the international sign for… “Imma let you finish. I’m not mad, bro”

I also said, ‘Please’.

Within minutes, I receive another DM:

You’re a fucking loser just like your baseball team. Blocked.

And Orioles fans call Red Sox fans classless.

This is a small town. I’m surprised that any publication in this city would respond the way they have as, you know, word gets around. It’s just entirely inappropriate and unprofessional. No skin off my nose, really. However, when it’s pointed out that you made a mistake, complete with a ‘Please’ and winky face, I’d hope that most people would follow up with something more along the lines of: “Whoops. Sorry about that. Didn’t mean to spam you. Hope Machado does it again to your boys tonight”.

But hey, don’t let a little good-natured fan rivalry get in the way of a good money-making traffic push to 4500 of your closest friends?

Crazy Christians and Bad Spam and Mailing List Management

I somehow got added to a mailing list recently unsolicited. It’s called Christian Report and I refuse to link to them. It is an arrogant, self-serving site that is plagued by guilt.

There is therefore now no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus. -Romans 8:1

What is seriously tragic about this site (aside from the content) is that I was added to this mailing list unknown. For God knows what reason. I mean, I’m used to getting spam and all, but at least a mailinglist has an unsubscribe, right?

I am a user of Other Inbox, which has this neat “Unsubscribe” feature. Drag mail in Gmail (Or Yahoo mail) to the Unsubscribe folder and, in theory, they will unsubscribe you safely from spam or mailing list and, if they can’t, they’ll just sequester mail in the future so you don’t have to see it. Except it wasn’t working for this particular listserv as I’ve been doing that for a few weeks.

So I finally manually unsubscribed yesterday. Typical unsubscribe process that’s normal with this particular very common listserv… it should be done, right?

Wrong. I got another one today.

This led me to find the site and manually contact the owner asking why my unsubscribe wasn’t being honored. Within an hour, I finally got the unsubscribe confirmation.

I offer, without comment, the text of that email. Sufficed to say, I’m sure I’ll end up on this list again and I can’t wait to report them to the authorities on such matters.

Wow!  We can’t believe you are leaving!  So Sad.

#1) If it because we have you on multiple emails and you need to getit down to one, we understand, if that’s the case then disregard thefollowing messages…

#2) To those who are leaving all together because they refuse to believe the REALITY that All have sinned and ALL will be judged and found GUILTY by Father God.  And then the WRATH of God will come upon them for ETERNITY:  Then they will be sentenced to God’s prison; The Lake of Fire also known as HELL for committing JUST ONE sin in their entire lives. However, God loves EVERYONE, not just some He supposedly pre-chose, so He provided a way out of this INEVITABLE consequence of our sin.  He came down to earth  in the Man Jesus Christ.  He lived a SINLESS life, teaching and preforming countless miracles.  Then He was crucified by the Jewish leaders of the time as a criminal, some of which knew in their hearts He was the Messiah.  Because the Staff of corporal punishment was taken from them years before, the Jews employed the Romans to Crucify Jesus. But then Jesus beat DEATH and rose again 3 days later after the Passover.  Over 500 Jews,Christians, Romans, and many other tongues witnessed Jesus after His death. Jesus then COMMANDS us to REPENT of our sins, realize that We need a Savior to pay the debt that is owed by us to God for our sin,and that Savior is in fact Jesus Christ.  We MUST believe in Him. WeCANNOT give lip service to such a thing.  God PROMISES us that if we Truly Believe in Him, then He will destroy the old man and create a NEW Creature CHRIST. This moment that happens is called REGENERATION. At that point we will no longer be a slave to sin.  We will hate the things of this wicked world and LOVE the Things of His Kingdom. If you merely gave Jesus lip service, then you will continue practicing sin and seeking the lusts of this world.  That will be the EVIDENCE that you are not a Christian. The MAJORITY of western Christians are hypocrites, thus you as non-beleiver are wondering whether this God is real or not. The Bible tells us that His chosen saints will depart from inequity (sin), therefore those who you see as hypocrites are indeed hypocrites and ARE NOT  Christians.  Those people will hear the words of Jesus as described in Matthew 7:20-23 upon Judgment Day. But friend, that is not of your concern.  Salvation is personal.  There won’t be a priest, lawyer, or relative with you on the moment of your death.  In a snap, you will be facing your Creator who will know EVERY secret sin you did.  And you will be found GUILTY of those CRIMES and sent to HELL. So I beg you to read the Book of John TONIGHT and repent of your sins and choose eternal life in heaven instead of eternal life in HELL.

# 3) If you are claiming to be a Christian then… Why are you going? Was it because the TRUTH was too hard to swallow?  After 12 years of street preaching, we have found that the MAJORITY of western“christians” are deceived by the god of this world!  That is a painful reality, but true.  If you are believing that your social club church is actually part of “The Church” when it resembles MORE of the world than it does of Scripture, then you are deceived. A true Christian has departed from sin, 2 Tim 2:19.  If you are practicing sin, then you are NOT a Christian, 1 John 3:8,  no matter what your church, pastor, and other unsaved christian friends tell you! You may have been deceived into believing from your social church conditioning that anyone who states what I just stated is unloving, judgmental, rude, legalistic, and a Pharisee.  But that is EXACTLY what the Deceiver has taught them
to make you believe.  The BIBLE states the EXACT opposite.  If we are spiritual, then we are to JUDGE ALL things, 1 Corinthians 2:15. Obeying God’s Commandments is NOT legalistic, Jesus says that if we LOVE Him, we will obey, John 14:15 & 23, not to earn our salvation but in fact to show EVIDENCE of it.  Ask your self what is more loving.To have knowledge of the Truth and tell you about it. Or to keep quiet and and make nicey nice with you here on earth without the least care about your eternal life?  The Bible is clear as to which is the REAL Christian, it is he who speaks the Truth to you from His WORD.  Not the false Christian who values temporal relationships here on earthwhile believing they themselves are going to heaven and their“friends” are not.  A true friend will WARN you of the dangers ahead. Remember, Jesus did not come here to bring peace, He came to bring Truth, Matthew 10:34-38.  Your New Evangelical Modern Gospel has brainwashed you into believing that we should be more concerned aboutone’s feelings or our “love” for each other than we should be concerned for our first Love, Jesus, and OBEDIENCE to Him above all. We CANNOT help you if you wish to believe those who condemn us.  We suggest you walk away from that false church and read the Word daily for at least 2 hours per day.  Please pray that God delivers you from the deception that you have been brainwashed into by the falseteachers, churches, and ministries of the western culture. Otherwise you may hear the Words of Jesus in Matthew 7:20-23.

We will be praying for you.

The Christian Report Staff

The more you know!

Facebook Spam Pitches

There’s a new form of social media spamming happening in the name of PR social media relevance. It is the art of the Facebook “tag”.

If you’re fortunate enough, you’ve been hit with this spam a dozen times in the last week. It is shadiness at it’s best and I will not hesitate to out PR individuals or firms, regardless of how much “clout” they have in the social space, if they do this to me again. It will not be automatic, although it might be. You’ve been warned.

The spam is a nifty little trick where you publish an event, group or picture of a product, service or event. Pretty typical Facebook activity, really.

Spamming PR people then use Facebook’s “tag” feature, something that is more in context for photos where you can tag someone that is in the photo and they receive a notification that they’ve been tagged. People like me are tagged in Facebook content where we have no context with the expectation that we will be notified of the content (event, whatever) and will click through and maybe cover their product.

So. Not. Cool.

Facebook, can you please put some granular privacy controls including “Friend groups” and “Group privacy” to allow us to control who can tag us, or rather who can NOT tag us?

Also, it would be fantastic if we could flag inappropriate conten t with cause. I would flag such spam content (which isn’t necessarily spammy, to be clear, just how it is delivered to us is) with the explanation that the content was delivered as a spam PR pitch.

PR firms, shape up. You are not relevant just because you connect with us on Facebook. Give us some credit.