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  • Skype 2.8 beta Release Proves It's Not Dead Yet

    When I was the Director of Technology at b5media, our staple application (outside of WordPress) was Skype. Don’t ask me why. It was just there when I arrived on the scene a few months after the company launched. I think it had to do with three of the founders being in Australia and long distance […]

  • Slipstream Intros, Outros and Other Multimedia Into Talkshoe Calls

    So, if you’ve noticed, I’m kind of a perfectionist about podcasts I do. It was one of my downfalls when I did the Suicide Fan sports show awhile ago. I wasted so much time getting details right that I finally gave up as it wasn’t my full time job and I ended up spending hours […]

  • Grokking What Makes People Tick via Skype

    Total fun for a Friday. I’ve just realized that I have to laugh at people (including myself) when it comes to Mood Messages in IM. So in the spirit of good natured fun, let’s see what people are about via my Skype contact list (people online right now): Arieanna Schweber is ummm… loving punctuation. Chris […]

  • Applescripting Technorati and Skype

    I’ve been watching my Technorati ranking over the past few weeks and I’m happy to say it’s been climbing. In other news, I’ve been wanting to learn Applescripting. So, I put the two things together this evening and came up with my first practical AppleScript. The script does one thing. It queries Technorati for my […]