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  • Ambient Findability

    Ambient Findability

    Mobile phones. They are the future. I’ve been saying that for awhile and giving no mulligans to those companies who are not embracing mobile or who are embracing it in a singular fashion (i.e. a company built on an iPhone app). Most of us use iPhones, Android devices or Blackberries. Maybe a few odd people […]

  • Allow me to Complain…

    Allow me to Complain…

    Festivus was the other day, the traditional day that people “air their grievances”. Since I did not do that but I seem to be a bit fired up today, I’m going to separate from the normal informative, intellectual articles that would normally go up here, and instead rant a bit. Because there are a lot […]

  • Red Sox 4, Yankees 3 – Yankees Will Have a While to Think About Latest Loss to Red Sox – NYTimes.com

    Hell yeah! Red Sox 4, Yankees 3 – Yankees Will Have a While to Think About Latest Loss to Red Sox – NYTimes.com.

  • Changing the Currency of Influence via Search

    There is no doubt that Google is the king of search but how did they become that way? In the old days (you know, before PageRank was dubbed irrelevant), the idea was that the number of links to a site, particularly by more “powerful” sites increased the relevance of an indexed page in the Google […]

  • Search and Findability

    I’m at WordCamp San Francisco 2008 today and had the distinct pleasure of giving a talk on Search and Findability. Distinct pleasure because it was the first session of the day at 9am. And if any of you know me, then you know that I don’t do mornings well. :-) My session was about Search […]

  • 7 Herramientas para estar Informado

    Esta semana vamos a presentar un gran número de herramientas para explorar la web social que te permitirán encontrar las noticias más importantes, el tema de último momento, nuevos amigos en Twitter y hasta crear tu propio portal de noticias. 1. RSSmeme RSSmeme te muestra las noticias recientes más populares, de acuerdo a cuanta gente […]

  • Redlasso Provides Television and Radio Search, Clipping

    I’ve been playing with the video clipping service, Redlasso. I got to meet Jim McCusker, the CTO, at Podcamp Philly and have stayed in touch since. It was good to see much of the team at Blog World Expo. The essence of Redlasso for bloggers is that it indexes and makes searchable broadcast media. By […]

  • Ensuring Proper Search Indexing

    This problem has been known for awhile, but I’ve never done a whole lot to resolve the issue with this site. The problem is that search engines such as Google see URLs with www differently than non-www version. It’s called canonicalization. Based on this entry on SEOMoz and this nifty rewrite rule generator at 14thc, […]