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  • What Are You Not Telling the World Online?

    What Are You Not Telling the World Online?

    Last year, there was a brilliant preliminary report that came out of MIT where two grad students decided to explore the idea of privacy implications based on omission. In other words, these students said that they could predict, with a high degree of accuracy, the sexual orientation and inclinations of people based on their activities, […]

  • I Told You So: Blockbuster Sued over Facebook Beacon

    In December, I wrote a post stating that Companies using Facebook Beacon as a marketing tool would get sued and demonstrated the privacy policies in effect at a number of the Beacon partners. One of those is Blockbuster, which as noted in the December post, was so over the top with it’s privacy policy. It’s, […]

  • Ubica a tus Amigos con Livecontacts

    FindWhere lanza el beta de Livecontacts. FindWhere, proveedor de servicios de ubicación y seguimiento via GPS, lanzó hoy la versión beta de su herramienta social de ubicación. Livecontacts funciona en cualquier red celular GSM y eventualmente funcionará en teléfonos sin GPS. Según la compañía, pronto podrás incluir data de ubicación en tu mensajería de texto, […]

  • Google File System: Much To Do About Nothing

    Google had a much-hyped announcement tonight that, frankly, I’m missing the point of. Techcrunch covered it. Scoble Qik’d it live. I was one of numerous who took the bait out of curiosity and watched the announcement live until Scoble turned off his camera, or something. honestly, folks, I don’t see what the point is. The […]

  • Ask Takes Your Privacy Seriously

    There was an old story I was told as a kid about boiling a frog to death. As the story goes, you can’t boil a frog to death by dropping him in a pot of boiling water. But put him in cool water and bring the water to a boil, and he won’t know the […]

  • La Privacidad como Moneda

    Alex Rudloff escribe un interesante artículo (en inglés) sobre el uso de nuestra privacidad como moneda, pudiendo cada quien intercambiar partes de su privacidad por servicios. De esta forma podemos indicarle a Facebook nuestra fecha de cumpleaños a cambio de que nuestros amigos estén al tanto y puedan felicitarnos. A mint podemos contarle nuestros hábitos […]

  • Zuckerberg, Quit Insulting Our Intelligence

    Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook has taken one more step in the Beacon war. As we’ve noted, Facebook is wrong to not fully make Beacon an opt-in program, partner companies are wrong for releasing customer data to Facebook and by the way I made a Firefox extension that will help consumers know […]

  • Freakin' Beacon Firefox Extension

    I took the dive into Firefox extension development today whipping out an answer to the Beacon is broke sentiment that is popping up all over the net, including here on this blog. This extension puts a little icon in the status bar that lights up in blue when on a page using Beacon technology. In […]

  • Companies Using Beacon Will Undoubtedly be Sued

    Privacy policies. They are the walls of separation that protect users from the over-indulging nature of companies and provide strict legal protections for both the user and the company. Privacy policies are generally penned by lawyers who like writing obscure documents that do these things. Facebook Beacon, as we talked about, is a major privacy […]

  • The Only Answer to Facebook Beacon is a Deleted Account

    Marc Orchant, the other day, announced he was deleting his Facebook profile. For him, it came down to a matter of usefulness. I am considering also deleting my Facebook profile for completely different reasons – Facebook Beacon. In case you’ve been under a rock for the past few weeks, Beacon is the program that Facebook […]