Best Photo of 2010

I can’t believe I’ve only posted one entry on this blog since last year when I asked you to vote for my best photo of 2009. C’est la vie, I suppose. Maybe I’ll do better in 2011.

Anyways… since we’re coming up on the end of the year, I’ll ask again… Whichever photo you choose, I’ll have printed and hang in my apartment. What was my best photo of 2010? :)

An Austin Food Wagon

An Austin Food Wagon

Arizona Memorial

USS Arizona Memorial

Under the Texas Sky

Under the Texas Sky

Sunset on Lake Travis

Sunset at the Oasis

The Best (Accessible) Photography on the Web

It’s no secret that I have been getting very active with photography. In fact, it’s been nearly an obsession as I’ve begun maintaining a photoblog of all my best work. I’ve even written about going and getting your first Digital SLR camera, mainly because SLR photography is becoming very accessible and web geeks love sharing their photos.

Obviously, when learning about your camera and the various techniques, you’ll find people who shoot in such a way that grabs your attention and tugs your emotions. For me, I’ve had several photographic geniuses who have influenced my own style. I try to learn as much as I can from these people and have been known to ask questions.

Thomas Hawk

Thomas Hawk is one of my favorite photographers ever. His goal is to publish one million photos online before he dies. He published his 20,000th the other day. Thomas has a wide diversity of “types” of photos, however most of his stuff tends to experiment richly with color, motion, low light and patterns. And mostly in San Francisco, where he lives. For more of Thomas’ photography, check out his Flickr and Zooomr.

Danny Hammontree

Danny is a relatively new photographer to me. His style is distinct. Mainly he shoots black and white photography and his niche is protest/social injustice. Therefore, he likes to capture rallies and protests, as well as tell stories of societal failings. Check Dannys Flickr stream for more of his work.

Brian Solis

Brian is one of my good friends and has taken some of my favorite photos of me. That is mainly because Brian excels at capturing people. Typically, people who are socializing and having fun. He tends to shoot a lot of photography at web networking events. For more of Brian’s work, check out his Flickr stream.

New York City

Photo by <a href="">smaku</a> New York City.

Once before I walked these streets.

The contrast between rich and poor. White, Black, Latino.

Photo by <a href="">OliverN5</a>

Urban decay and iconic imagery.

Photo by <a href="">hi-phi</a>

I’ve been back since, rarely for the same reasons as the time before, but always for something.

There’s always something. Something innovative. Something advanced. Something dismal. Something sexy. Something, something, something. There’s always something.

Photo by <a href="">larimdame</a>

Among the throngs of soccer teams from Europe, high school groups from Iowa, brokers and politicians from Boston, Washington, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Through it all there are people. People with burdens they carry. Some not even realizing they carry it.

Photo by <a href="">wallyg</a>

Yet their eyes do. Their eyes betray feelings of anxiety and pain. Broken relationships, and expensive mortgages. Women breaking a lofty glass ceiling. Men mired in the turmoil of the stress of today. Children with no hope for tomorrow.

Photo by <a href="">Kris Krug</a>

They live here. They breathe here. They abide here. This is their home and they know nothing else.

This is New York. For so many reasons, I love it, I feel it.