If You Want Sex, You Need to Make a Sexual Move

First of all, thanks for proving a side point that posts with sex in the title will almost always get clickthroughs. :-)

Besides that, I actually have a point with that title, and trust me… it’s completely non-sexual. But it is true.

One thing I’ve noticed growing up and being around people in general, is that there always tends to be a desire to be someone and to be somewhere else. The grass is always greener paradigm. As a nerdy kid, I always wanted to have the attention of one of the girls. As an entrepreneur, I always wanted the big exit. As a blogger, I always wanted to be the big fish.

It’s funny how when you want something so bad, often times it’s not the “smart” routes that you take to get there. There’s always something that causes you to go about achieving your success in a somewhat irrational or self-destructive way.

As a long tail blogger getting started several years ago, it was the low-hanging pot shot that I would take at the proverbial “A List” bloggers. They forget where they came from. They only link among themselves. Etc.

Here’s one embarrassing example of me taking a self-righteous stab at folks who, in hindsight, rightfully ignored small fish like me.

I was out the other night watching basketball (Kansas FTW!) and I couldn’t help but notice that all the “kids” – let’s be honest, I’m 31 and anyone under 22 is a kid in my book) – that were getting the play were doing so because they put themselves in a position to get it. Then there were the “creepy old guys” who sat around and watched and you know they wished they were getting the play. Instead they just gawked at the women as the women made conversation with other guys. Yeah, we all know the scene, don’t we? ;-)

So my point is that the folks who have become successful in blogging, in business, in relationships, in whatever – the folks that we look up to and idolize – are the same folks that have recognized their success point and have done what they needed to do to be in those positions. They have wrote the right content at the right time and met the right people and marketed their content in the right mediums and social networks to the right people – and have found their success points.

To new bloggers and entrepreneurs – to the folks that have the great ideas that they have no idea how to execute on – figure out your niche. Discover the landscape. The money men. The competitors. The influencers. Figure out how to develop those relationships in the right and healthy way. You’ll discover your success point too. But you have to make the move if you’re going to be successful.