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  • Reason Number 834 Why Bloggers Are Not Necessarily Journos

    Reason Number 834 Why Bloggers Are Not Necessarily Journos

    The question of whether bloggers are journalists is a tired debate. So I’ll make this point short and brief. Wired has a pretty good article about the FCC launching a new competition to develop apps that would allow consumers to “spy” on their mobile carriers to ensure that the carriers are not throttling or limiting […]

  • I’m Pro Choice. I’m Android.

    I’m Pro Choice. I’m Android.

    We in the tech world are a fickle bunch. On one side of our brain, we scream about openness and freedoms. We verbally disparage anyone who would dare mess with our precious Internet freedoms. Many of us, especially in my WordPress community, swear allegiance to licensing that ensures data and code exchanges on open standards.

  • Allow me to Complain…

    Allow me to Complain…

    Festivus was the other day, the traditional day that people “air their grievances”. Since I did not do that but I seem to be a bit fired up today, I’m going to separate from the normal informative, intellectual articles that would normally go up here, and instead rant a bit. Because there are a lot […]

  • Obama Web Exec Watch: ICANN Board Member Joins FCC Transition Team

    In case there is any doubt about Obama’s committment to forward thinking web technologies and tapping some of the minds behind it, we will continue to document members of the web community who are entering the Obama administration or transition team. Last week, I mentioned that Obama had named Google.org’s Sonal Shah and Launchbox Digital […]