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  • EXCLUSIVE: Tropicana Covers Election Day Twittering

    There are a couple of election related Twitter projects going on including Twitter Vote Report, which we covered the other day. Not on our radar at the time, however, was an interesting project from Tropicana that will take the expected high velocity Twitter coverage of the election all day and present it in a unique […]

  • Indictment on Modern Day Conservatism

    I’m not usually one to write about politics, but that might change in the coming days and months. At least here on this blog where I don’t have to worry about sticking within the confines of business and technology. The last week has been exciting. The first African American from a major political party to […]

  • The Best Pro-Obama McCain Ad EVAR

    It should be said that maybe the McCain campaign needs to go back to marketing school. This is the strangest opposition video I’ve ever seen in a campaign.

  • Relevant Conservatism in the Internet Era

    As a conservative who is also supporting Barack Obama (Yes We Can) this fall, I’m fascinated watching the efforts both campaigns are making to reach out to an internet savvy Generation Y. With mixed results, mind you. John McCain has been flogged for his gaffes surrounding the internet. Phrases likes, “I’m aware of the internet” […]

  • High Risk, High Yield in Politics

    This morning, I was a guest on the Media Bullseye podcast. I’ll link it when it becomes available. One of the topics of discussion revolved around the tactics (not the politics) being employed by the candidates in the Presidential race. The analogy I drew was investment in the stock market. You can invest in high […]