How to be a Whore the Linkbaiting Way

Linkbaiting is the term used to describe activity the bloggers use to attract attention to posts. It is a popular trend with an unpopular connotation. Particularly when the linkbaiting is overtly negative. Some people can positively linkbait. Brian Clark of Copyblogger is a master. Other people, like Duncan Riley, link bait in such a negative way to whore themselves out.

Duncan’s been pretty good lately – some of his best blogging ever. But you always know when he is starting to get attention starved because he’ll resort to whoring himself out by going negative on anyone and everything. It is somewhat equivalent to a kid throwing a fit.

As an example, Duncan decided he was going to attack Celebrity Hack as a clandestine operation by Copyblogger Brian Clark. One comment from Brian was all I needed to know there wasn’t anything ugly happening.

He also went negative on me regarding the Technosailor deal. I certainly don’t need to defend my actions to Duncan who sold Blog Herald once upon a time. Just to point out that negotiations that Duncan will never know about happen behind the scenes and not out in public, just as his Blog Herald sale happened.

All in all, Duncan has resorted to linkbaiting by whoring himself out as a tabloid journalist. It doesn’t become him and he is so much better than this. However, lack of relevance will make a guy be this way I guess.