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  • Impending Legal Precedent for GPL Licensing?

    Impending Legal Precedent for GPL Licensing?

    If you pay attention to the WordPress world, you might be aware that a landmark lawsuit is likely to be filed. I say landmark expecting that both sides will litigate and not settle – something that is desperately needed in the United States to validate and uphold the scope of the GPL license. WordPress is […]

  • It's February 16. Do You Know Where Your Facebook Photos are?

    On February 4th, the largest social network by all accounts, Facebook, quietly updated it’s terms of service to grant itself an unending and irrevocable license to use all content ever uploaded to its service. This is fundamentally not all that out of sorts from what most services do when licensing user content, but their lawyers […]

  • Companies Using Beacon Will Undoubtedly be Sued

    Privacy policies. They are the walls of separation that protect users from the over-indulging nature of companies and provide strict legal protections for both the user and the company. Privacy policies are generally penned by lawyers who like writing obscure documents that do these things. Facebook Beacon, as we talked about, is a major privacy […]