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  • Happy 61st Birthday, Douglas Adams

    Happy 61st Birthday, Douglas Adams

  • Great Quote of The Wire

    Same fuck-ups in the same shit detail, workin’ out of the same shithouse kind of office. You people lack for personal growth, you know that? -Lester Freamon, The Wire

  • Working SXSW (And How I Will Be Hired)

    SXSW Interactive is now over and with it comes a big long exhale. For those who were here who I saw, it is always good to catch up and meet new people. For those I missed, let’s connect online somewhere. This year I came with one goal in mind: to find a job. I didn’t […]

  • How to get a Great Tech Job

    This post is a guest post from Sandy Smith, a hiring manager and PHP developer at Forum One Communications in Alexandria, VA. It was originally an email to a mailing list in response to a job ad posted by a recruiter. The job requisition was worded in such a way to make it sound like […]

  • ProFootballTalk.com – Favre Already Under Contract With Vikings?

    Favre is a Viking? I thought this was already a no-go… ProFootballTalk.com – Favre Already Under Contract With Vikings?.

  • Moving on From Lijit

    As the economy continues to spiral downward, and more companies are trying to extend their runways for as long as possible, we are hearing about an increasing number of layoffs. When you’re a contractor, you always sort of have it in the back of your mind that your number could be called at any time. […]

  • Informalities Can Kill Your Job Search

    The economy is way down and the pain is not only being felt at the pump. It’s being felt in the job market. Unemployment hit an all time high last quarter as more and as more and more people hit the streets looking for meaningful employment, bad habits are accompanying them. Sarah Needleman of the […]